Olympia Handball Club’s 1st Division WOMEN team has proudly represented UNITED KINGDOM in two of the major competitions organised by European Handball Federation(EHF)

The team’s first official international game was in the EHF Challenge Cup 2011-2012 competition

After 2 seasons the team won the England National League Cup and secured a place in the second best European Competition:EHF Cup(2013-2014)/ROUND 2

And lately competed in the EHF Challenge Cup (2016-2017)/ROUND 3 against ZUK a Swiss team.


After 2 games at European level and an amazing season, when they managed to win all their domestic competitions being crowed Super8 League Champions and England Handball Association Cup winners, the team qualified again to represent UNITED KINGDOM in EHF Cup(2014-2015)/ROUND 2   


We are also really proud our Men Premier League team after an amazing season 2017/2018 got qualified to compete for the first time in Olympia's club history to the European Challenge Cup competition too.

They will play against the an Italian team Pallamano Mid October 2018 !