Hi Klaudia, can you quickly introduce yourself ?


My name is Klaudia, I’m from Hungary and I have been playing for Olympia Handball Club since 2009. I play left half in Super 8 Team


So you’ve been playing for Olympia since 2009, how did you join the club ?


I have moved to the UK in 2008 when I started looking for a club that I can join. I have decided to attend training in Leyton as I lived near the sport hall. Well the training was fun and I have decided to stay with the team. The team was lucky as I haven’t even given the opportunity to any other team since I am part of it.


What has made you stay with the club for these years ?


I am with the team for over 8 years and I just turned 30 so you can guess, it has become my family. I have been playing Handball since Primary school age so I started feeling it in my bones recently. I played left half for many years, however few years ago I started playing on the left wing but I do get chance on the half as well here and then. Olympia Handball Club is always treating the players well so yes, us girls and boys are welcoming anyone to join the team as we will treat you as a family. This is the reason why I have never even thought of leaving the team. (Except when I heard about Angels* - “I’m joking”.)

*Angels is another London team which was created by Hungarians


Handball is not yet a major sport in the UK, what do you think of its evolution?


Handball has massively improved in the UK. It is more and more serious and famous since Olympics were held in the UK. Unfortunately, I can’t even compare the level of Handball between Hungary and Great Britain as we all know how big it is in Hungary. But it looks like Great Britain is getting there. Soon it might be the end for me but I am finding it hard to leave the team. For few years we are pretty “well known on the market” and I believe other teams like playing against us. The team has few successful years behind them so for that reasons we travelled to Portugal, Iceland, Ukraine to play against their top team. Never been an easy one but it has been a massive improvement since we travelled to Portugal and since we played against Switzerland in 2016 which was held in the UK. This team has always been part of all arrangements eg Beach Handball in France, Spain, tournaments in Liverpool, etc… I could talk about it for days but unfortunately I am at work.

Well thank for your time reading my little story !

Thank you Klaudia for answering our questions and for giving us time. Good luck for the rest of the season with the Super 7 women !


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