A monthly membership fee is required from all our members to keep the club running .


Costs to join the club:


  1. £29 Montlhy Membership

  2. £35 Registration fee (at the beginning of every season)

  3. ITC fee (If International Transfer) 

  4. Away Matches Transport


Players who want to play in the English Leagues and Cup have to be registered with the EHA - England Handball Association for insurance purposes.

Please contact a member of the board to further clarify these costs or email us.


PS: We are an amateur club, none of our players or committee members are paid. And unfortunately we are unable to facilitate VISA applications. 


The first session with us is FREE.



Players who DO NOT HOLD a British Passport and WERE registered with a foreign federation, are required to make an International Transfer Request (ITC)


ITC Fees


  1. Amateur non-contracted player €250 (Students- transfer is FREE)

  2. Professional contracted player €2,500 (Students - pay the same fee €2,500)

  3. Not registered in any National Federation in the past 24 months - FREE


International Transfers can take up to a month, please contact the secretary or any members of the board to assist you.


Our Club is not in a position to pay for these fees, please contact a member of the board to further clarify any doubts regarding these extra payments or email us.


Players playing in the Development Leagues DO NOT require International Transfer.




We hereby exclude all liability for any injuries caused during a training, friendly game, travel to and from games, and /or any other handball related activities.


By joining our team and completing the registration form, you ("the player") assume all responsibility for any injuries caused or sustained during any of the aforementioned activities.


The England Handball Association ("EHA") insurance covers any injuries sustained or caused during official league games, and as such, any injuries caused or sustained during such games will be covered by the EHA Insurance. 


Please refer to the website for the comprehensive cover inclusive